Core Values


The competence of the management in providing the infrastructure for the institution and the skill of the faculty in the infusion of the relevant and updated technical knowledge, synchronize to form a perfect circle of perfection in disseminating technical Education and our institution is escalating towards that goal.


Adherence towards the codes of discipline formulated for the staff and student with fidelity in all possible ways is kept constant. Accruing of the bona fide from the society is the key factor that plays the prominent role in the development of any institution and we are able to get the same, step by step.

Team Work:

Team spirit and the involvement of the staff and the management in both the administrative and academic activities are very conspicuous. It includes the Admission process, organizing meetings, implementing novel regulations, conducting events and functions. The familial approach of the management strengthens the team work concept of our institution.


We believe that the crux of any aspect of technical education is the innovative factor. The students who are imbibed with a spirit of innovation, are properly channelized by the faculty who are competent enough to deal with the task. The awareness among the students about the role played by their innovative project value in shaping their bright future career, is very prominent in our institution.

Admission 2024 - 2025