Placement Details – 2024 *New*

In the academic Year 2023-2024, our college final year students have attended interviews at various companies through Placement drive and achieved. Apart from this, through Naan Mudhalvan they have attended drive in SASTRA College @ Thanjavur and Job Fair at our Campus, Kumbakonam. In those drives, students from in and around Thanjavur Engineering colleges participated in nearly 20 companies in Thanjavur (approx. 20 colleges) and 15 companies (approx. 10 colleges) in our campus. Most of the students were selected and got their offer letters.

Hearty Congratulations! To our College Students from all departments who were participated and succeeded in the Job fair attended above. In this, 140 students (90 Male and 50 Female) of our college have received their offer letters.

Our Students Placed in the companies in drives were as follows:

S.No. Name of the Company S.No. Name of the Company
1 Grove Man Global 15 Lucas TVS, Pondicherry
2 Violin Tech  (CIEL HR) 16 Maruti Suzuki – Pillai & Sons
3 Face Prep 17 Karyoun Innovation Pvt Ltd
4 Quess Corp 18 Texmo Industries
5 ZF CVCS 19 Vignesh Polymers
6 Sureti IMF 20 Muthoot Micro Fin Ltd
7 Spartan Group of Companies 21 TANCAM
8 EBEES Digital Credit Private HCL 22 TANCAM – Air Flex
9 Omega Health Care 23 TCNOM
10 CAD Arts 24 Luxshare India Pvt. Ltd
11 Delphi TVS 25 Cloud Zen Technology
12 Super Auto Forge 26 New Tech Industries
13 Mitsuba 27 Vintronix
14 Venkateswara Hatcheries 28 PSS systems
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