Cafeteria plays an important role at our institution, in this regard by catering the day-to-day nutritional and hygienic necessities of students and staff members. As many of the students come from distant places, it is essential for the students to have nutritious food and refreshments at affordable prices so as to participate in the daily academic activities actively. The college canteen plays an important role in this regard by catering the daily nutritional requirements of students and staff members. The cafeteria has a number of food counters providing with a variety of food items to choose from! A well-organized “coupon” system is followed in the cafeteria in which a coupon is bought from the main counter and this coupon is used to get the desired food item. The prices of the food items are fixed by the college authorities and are easily affordable by the students. The quality of food items is regularly monitored.

Our Goals include:

  • Providing the Hygienic food at reasonable price.
  • Developing good and healthy food habits among students.
  • Creating different menus daily to provide the nutritional necessities of the students.
  • Maintaining a good environment and good aesthetics of the canteen
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