Vision and Mission


To be in the forefront of Computer Science and Engineering by producing competing professionals with innovative skills, moral values and societal concerns with a commitment towards building a strong nation.


DM1 (Quality Education)

To impart quality education through continuous teaching-learning process, including interdisciplinary areas that extend the scope of computer science.

DM2 (Problem Solving Skills)

To develop the problem solving skills, analytical and collaborative learning ability of the students to be ready to deal with cutting-edge technologies worldwide.

DM3 (Social Commitment)

To inculcate strong ethical values and spirit of social commitment among students.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1 (Computational Ability)

Graduates will have an ability to work on different domains of computational technologies including multidisciplinary and will adapt them to the emerging trends.

PEO 2 (Quality Professional)

Graduates will have overall professional quality in the software and exhibit team spirit, problem solving, management skills and lifelong learning ability.

PEO 3 (Ethical Values)

Graduates will practice their professions conforming toward ethical values and social policies.