News and Events

S.NoName of the EventDate
1.     Project Exhibition15.08.17
2.     One day Special Note Lecture on “Construction Techniques & Evaluation”28.08.17
3.     Expert Lecture on “Building Estimation”26.09.17
4.     A National level Technical symposium Construction Techniques& Evaluation16.03.18
5Hands on Training for municipal Engineers & Town planners16.04.18 and 17.04.18
6.     Workshop on “Prestressed Concrete Structures”06.10.18
7.     Knowledge Day Celebration15.08.18
8.     Engineers Day Celebration-Rally from Mahamaham tank15.09.18
9.     A National level Technical symposium09.03.19
10Webinar on “Hands-on Training in QGIS” 27.07.2020
11FDP on “Structural Analysis – I”27.07.2020 to 31.07.2020
12Webinar on “Recent trends in Seismic Resistant Construction Practices” 07.08.2020
13Project Expo on Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste as Construction Block16.09.2020
14Webinar on Latest developments in Civil Engineering 11.01.2021
15Environmental Issues in the Modern Era 19.01.2021
16Implementation of Structural Theories into a real practical extend 13.02.2021
17FDP on Applied Hydraulic Engineering 15.03.2021 to 19.03.2021
18National level technical symposium 08.04.2021
19Special lecture on Career Guidance and Mentoring 07.05.2021
20Career Guidance program on Opportunities in Civil Engineering 03.07.2021
21Guest lecture on The application of Geosynthetics 27.08.2021
22Guest lecture on Modern materials for concrete members 28.08.2021

A National level Symposium on 09.03.19
A National level Symposium on 09.03.19
Engineers Day Celebration
Engineers Day Celebration