About FM 90.4

Arasu FM 90.4

Government of India, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology has granted permission to start Arasu Community Radio 90.4 MHz in the premises of Arasu Engineering College, Kumbakonam.
The programmes have been designed into various categories aimed to benefit the society. The programme categories are “Tamizh language & Culture, Health awareness, Science and Invention, History, Book review, Motivational Speech, Other language awareness (English & Hindi), Elocution, Kids time, Music zone, Agriculture, Interview with employees of various sectors, Live Programmes and more society oriented programmes”.

Director of Arasu Community Radio
Dr. T. Balamurugan, Principal, AEC

Contact Us:

Arasu Community Radio 90.4, Arasu Engineering College, Kumbakonam -612 501, Thanjavur district, Tamil nadu, India. Email id: arasufm@aec.org.in

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