Department of Agricultural

The Agriculture Engineering department was established in the year 2019. This is a 4 year degree course that the program is an amalgamation of more than one discipline. It has very good infrastructure like exclusive Lecture Hall, Computer Lab and recreation facilities. This Department is spreading its wing by establishing various laboratories like Farm Machinery and Power Laboratory, Irrigation Field Laboratory, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Lab, Agricultural Processing Lab, Post Harvest Engineering Lab, etc in order to meet the requirements of the Degree Program. To provide adequate farming skill as a background for Agricultural Engineers, 15 acre farm land is allotted for Crop Husbandry Lab. Students are being trained in crop cultivation techniques from land preparation to harvesting of crops like Wet land crop and Irrigated Dry land crops. Various softwares for Mapping, Modeling and Analysis in CAD, GIS and remote sensing, etc are well equipped in the Department. Industrial tie-up is being organized with various Industries for empowering the students through on-site training programs, internship, project work and Career job opportunities.

Admission 2024 - 2025